Reflections on 25 Years of Love

Today my amazing and incredible parents / best friends celebrate 25 years of wedded bliss and my heart is bursting with so much joy and love for them both.

Everyday I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have been raised by the two most selfless, loving and supportive individuals, and am endlessly humbled by the love they have generated together and continue to share with all those around them.

Together, my parents have spent the past 25 years striving towards one goal: giving everyone they love the opportunity to make and create the best memories. 

From my innocent, idyllic childhood in the late 90's, which was full of quirky pop-up dance shows, family cookouts, piles of Barbies and balmy summer afternoons spent shuffling us between soccer fields. 

To my painfully awkward teen years in the 2000's, when everyone but my parents questioned my love for Doc Martens and Mick Jagger. And fast forward again to my college years, where my parents afforded me the amazing opportunity to study abroad– an experience I will never forget, and one that completely changed the direction of my career. 

And now there is my adult years, where my parents have continued to cheer me along this incredibly weird, unpredictable journey that is life. From heartbreak to morning commutes - thank you for guiding me through these 22, beautiful years of existence. I am so lucky that I can call you my parents. You're my heroes. My best friends. My cheerleaders. My role models.

I love you both endlessly. Here's to you keeping that flame burning brighter and stronger with each passing day, year, and decade! Cheers to you!