Workiversary: looking back on my first year at FOX

Exactly 365 days ago, I said yes to one of the most incredible opportunities and started my first day with Fox's integrated marketing team. What an extraordinary journey this year has been and privilege it is to have a career driven by passion.

When I first stepped through the doors of my office in midtown, I made a promise to myself: I would spend every moment making as many connections as possible, absorbing as much as I could and exploring all the amazing opportunities a career in television has to offer. And I did just that. 

This past year, I have met so many impressive, inspiring individuals in sales, marketing and beyond. I made lifelong friends and gained invaluable work and television experience. I found myself constantly challenged by my endlessly talented coworkers, and amazed by the extraordinary power of television. And most of all, I surprised myself. 

From my early mornings spent mapping out seating charts for the 2015 Emmy Awards, to the late, coffee-fueled nights dashing through Fox's News Corp Building to get client ticket packages out before deadline, I wrap up this whirlwind of a year with so many unforgettable memories. 

My heart is full of so much gratitude for all the amazing experience, adventures and people this year has brought me. A huge shout out to my endlessly hilarious, generous and talented coworkers, who always have me skipping to work and feeling like I'm living the dream everyday. I am the luckiest girl in the world.