Birthday Reflections

Today I am 23. Each year of my life really does get so much better. Only now am I beginning to see the perfection in the way my life has unfolded. I am exactly where I need to be, and I've never been more sure of that. I am so blessed to have incredible, supportive people who see me as I am and love all of me. It humbles and inspires me everyday. I feel gratitude for each person who has ever been a part of my life. Whether we had positive or negative encounters, I have learned from you. And today I honor myself and the willingness I've had to see the truth and breathe through it. Too much we shine the light away from ourselves and diminish the effort we've put in. I've learned so much and let go so much. And there is always more. There is always more letting go, there is always more loving, there is always more depth.