5 Songs You Must Hear Before July 2014 Ends

Sometimes the world of rock can get noisy and chaotic as hundreds of hopeful up-and-comers and experienced legends release new material each month. Don’t fret about filtering through it all though. Here’s a list of five song releases in July that you should listen to before the month comes to a close.

1. Drenge—Drenge: “People In Love Make Me Feel Yuck”

The debut album from Infectious Music’s latest champions—twenty-something-year-old brothers and rock ‘n’ roll fanatics,Eionand Rory Loveless ofDrenge—fits perfectly into the label’s catalogue of melodic, over-driven alternative rock. Opening track “People in Love Make Me Feel Yuck” is a trashingheadbangerof careening guitar solos, crashing cymbals and vocal growling. Now, that’s one impressive introduction.

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2. TheVaselines–V forVaselines: “One Lost Year”

They crawled out of Glasgow in 1986 armed withshogaze-guitarsand glitzy, fuzz-pop beats.Kurt Cobain’s endorsement of the duo as his “favorite songwriters of all time,” made TheVaselinesan instant household name, but it’s the Scottish pair’s affable indie charm and knack for composing timeless, playful hooks that has reserved them a seat in the spotlight—even after 28 years. Welcome back.

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3. Twin Peaks—Wild Onion: “Strawberry Smoothie”

“In the blizzard honey, you’re a hound/ You’re headed nowhere with eyes glued to the ground,” breathsTwin Peak’s frontmanCaidenLake James over sonic-garage hooks that ebb and swell until they’re eclipsed by a violent burst of woozy, guitar transcendence.

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4. Interpol— ElPintor: “All The Rage Back Home”

Over the years,Interpol’s calling card has always been post-punk melodrama— shared both out of the sincerity and artistic arrogance. Although the first cut from the New York indie-rock prince’s forthcoming albumElPintoroffers up an unprecedented sense of humility (“I keep falling, maybe half the time”) from frontman Paul Banks, “All the Rage Back Home” still demands rapt attention from its listeners withgothed-outswipes, shrill guitars and piercing vocal support.

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5. Bloody Knees— Stitches: “Daydream”

“I’m drunk, I’m giving up/ I’m afraid I’ve become stuck,” growls Bloody Knees’ frontman Bradley Griffiths on “Daydream,” the first track to be revealed by this English quartet. Between searing riffs and blasts of pop-punk euphoria, big things await.

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